8Feeeeeeeets 2021 Tehran

A key figure associated with Arte Povera. An installation of octopus made with throwaway construction materials. By Sam Kia, an Afghan visual Artist.

Thousands of Lost Pieces of Peace (1,600 hours of joblesness in the first quarantine) By Sam Kia, an Afghan visual Artist.

In 2020 when COVID-19 hit Italy, I lost my job like so many others. The problem? What to do with my time? I found the answer just behind me. I was born into a part of the world always in conflict: Iran against Iraq, Afghan Mujahidin against Communists, and non-stop Taliban against corrupted exported “technocrats”. It seemed that war had become an inseparable part of me. Was PEACE unattainable?

Emerge 2017 Marseille

A contemporary art exhibition with the theme of man and nature was held by the Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille presented by La Friche la Belle de Mai. Sam Kia is a contemporary visual artist following the art movement called Arte Povera. Sam Kia is a visual artist, Always driven by curiosity, he configures natural and industrial throwaway materials to challenge the new wave of luxury contemporary art galleries. Sculpture by By Sam Kia, an Afghan visual Artist.

Paintformance 2015 Bologna

To establish the moment in which the body began to be the object of reflection, it would be necessary to deal with the first artifacts that represent the human figure. Paintings, statuettes, symbols, that is objects that give shape to the external image of man, but also practices such as tattooing, scarification, or decoration with ornaments of a body itself seen as a ‘work of art’ and instrument of communication. work of art by By Sam Kia, an Afghan visual Artist.

Fuga 2015 Bologna

Sometimes, my brain detaches from reality. It can feel like I am disconnected from my sense of self, thoughts, or memory. Fuga is a video art by Sam Kia, an Afghan Artist.

Tehran Souvenir 2014 Bologna

A video art By Sam Kia, an Afghan visual Artist.