An exhibition of contemporary art with the theme of man and nature was held by the students of the Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille presented by La Friche la Belle de Mai. Sam Kia is a contemporary visual artist following the art movement called Arte Povera. Always driven by curiosity, he configures natural and industrial throwaway materials to challenge the new wave of luxury contemporary art galleries

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Faces of young people marked by the tragedy of war, traffic signals that evoke paths to be followed, benevolent gazes of men and women ready to hospitality. These are some of the moments fixed in the photoshoots of a young Afghan artist who with sensitivity and poetic spirit realized a multimedia project on the themes of integration and multicultural society.

He is Sam Kia, a visual artist, photographer, and a filmmaker for the project “ Artistic residency in Basilicata” realized the video “P is for Peace“ and the photo exhibition “Peacekeepers“. Through thirty-two snapshots and a documentary with the voice of the guests of “City of Peace” in the village of S.Arcangelo near Potenza, he tries to bring out the experiences of those people who left behind their own roots.